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How you can make pregnancy more comfortable

A quickly expanding bump (along with a few quickly expanding other things!!), an achy back, swollen ankles and feet, and it's just so darn HOT!

Oh, pregnancy! 

It's not the most comfortable time of your life, but it certainly doesn't have to be as uncomfortable as we've been trained to believe. 

how to make pregnancy more comfortable

Here are a few of our favorite pregnancy hacks to make pregnancy more comfortable.

Be proactive, not reactive: Don't wait until you're feeling the aches and pains of pregnancy to start using these tips. If you can protect your muscles, joints, and body before they start hurting, you're more likely to hurt less in the long run.

Movement: It might sound counterintuitive, but moving your body helps you continue to feel like yourself, especially if you were working out before you got pregnant. Think about one feels good when they're just sitting still all day.

This becomes even more true when your body is growing and stretching. Even a quick walk can help boost your mood, reduce swelling, and make you feel better. A regular exercise routine can help combat excess pregnancy weight gain, strengthen muscles for a quicker labor, and help you bounce back quicker after delivery. Win, win, win!

belly support to make pregnancy more comfortable


Belly and back support: Many women thought they would never need extra belly or back support. But as soon as they try it, they can't believe they've gone with out it! The back and belly support built into all Mumberry clothes makes pregnancy more comfortable by providing gentle compression and upward lift. If you wear these clothes before your bump gets too big, you'll save yourself the cost of more pain management later into pregnancy.

Essential oils: If it's a problem, there's probably an essential oil blend to help. Essential oils can help nausea, morning sickness, head aches, and body aches. And most oils are safe for pregnancy! Setting a diffuser up the night before can help calm your morning sickness by letting it run for a few minutes after you wake up. Check out this guide to essential oils during pregnancy for some great ideas!

Body pillow: Two words. Life. Saver! Being comfortable as you sleep is key to getting a good night's rest. And being well rested can help a lot of other difficulties you might befacing. Feel refreshed and ready to tackle your day after a night of good quality seep with your body pillow.

We love the Leachco Snoogle Total Body pregnancy pillows:

make pregnancy more comfortable

Maternity clothes: Don't try to size up in normal clothes, or worse - try to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy clothes at 9 months pregnant. Even if they technically fit, they weren't designed with your body in mind. Clothes that are sized up will fit in the waist but will be saggy everywhere else. Maternity clothes are cut to flatter your body, to grow with your belly, and some even have extra support built in to make you even more comfortable! 

Belly oil: Some women complain of an itchy belly due to all the stretching it's doing. A good belly oil or cream can really help to nourish the skin on your bump and relieve the itchiness. We love Mom on Top Shop's Grow Baby Grow Belly Cream!

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